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The Little Black Fish

By Lauren Sandford

Characters play a vital role within children’s stories: they combat the bad guys, explore the world and learn more about themselves throughout their adventures. Many of the beloved characters in Tiny Owl’s picture books are animals, from cats to parrots to little black fish. Through these animal characters, children can find themselves, in relating to the characters and their experiences. In The Little Black Fish, this brave and curious little fish goes on the adventure of a lifetime — to explore the world beyond his stream, and to discover where that stream comes to an end. Little Black Fish is determined and very intelligent, meeting new animals and learning new things as he swims his way into the vast sea. He teaches children about the quality of life, the importance to be brave and curious when interacting with new, strange environments, because they can lead to be the most fulfilling experiences. As children come to understand characters like Little Black Fish, they learn vital skills, from socialization and good behavior, to creativity and imagination. Picture books like The Little Black Fish are teaching our children about the world! And in relating to the characters, children can better see themselves in it.

  • The Little Black Fish

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