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Revisiting beautiful artwork for Children’s Art Week!

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Back in February, we were absolutely over the moon when the wonderful teacher Danielle Jarman got in touch with us about the art her brilliant class had produced after reading Felix After the Rain! Danielle teaches at Elizabeth Woodville Primary School in Leicestershire. Read her blog here. Despite her children only being six and seven(!), we definitely have some future artists on our hands… Take a look!

Beautiful art from Elizabeth Woodville Primary using charcoal and watercolours.
Drawings of Miss Bandari and Mr Magarmach!

In January, Ark Swift Primary, based in Shepherd’s Bush, London, sent us these glowing reviews of Under the Great Plum Tree from their Year 1 class! One child said her favourite part of the book was when the monkey and the crocodile become friends, while another loved the detailed, colourful patterns on Dame Hati, the elephant. The class even drew some wonderfully intricate illustrations echoing illustrator Reza Dalvand’s unique style. Take a look!

Gorgeous drawings from the Year 1 class at ARK Swift Primary
  • Watch: Dunja Jogan shows you how to print!
  • Felix After the Rain can assist children to catch their feelings as early as possible! – Psychologist Shelley Smith
  • Under the Great Plum Tree is perfect for reinvigorating reading – Read It, Daddy!
  • The Sunday Times says Under the Great Plum Tree is One to Watch!

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