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It’s almost a matter of day before kids go back to school – where has the summer gone?
You may have participated in the Summer Reading Challenge with your child, you may have given them a break from a rigid routine with books – however you spent the last few weeks, here are some tips to help your kids get back into the swing of things when it comes to reading.
1. Work alongside the school

Make an effort to be aware what your child is reading in school to ensure you can choose ‘Home books’ accordingly. You may want to choose titles related to what they’re reading at school, or you may wish to pick a book completely different in order to create a bit of variety. Whichever it is, you need to be aware of what books they’re flicking through at school.
2. Incorporate reading into their night time routine

Before bed you may like to make sure your child has got everything ready for school the next day; books, homework, pe kit etc etc. Use this time to get your child to read a chapter of a book of their choice to you. This will also help their speaking skills and reading aloud.
3. Praise their achievements

Ensure you are encouraging and complimentary. If they had to read an extract of a book aloud to the class one day, make sure you praise them.
4. Set up a home reward scheme

If your child is reluctant to read outside of school, perhaps set up a system in where they get rewarded with every book they read. It can be as simple as they get to choose what the family has for dinner one night. It can act as a great incentive to starting them on their reading journey.

Tahmineh's school on the Qashqai tribe. From 'Tahmineh's Beautiful Bird'
Qashqai school. From Tahmineh’s Beautiful Bird

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