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Mike Henson offers us a glimpse into his parenting journey

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Mike Henson

Children’s picture book author and illustrator Mike Henson, inspired after reading The New Baby and Me, has written a few words, about his own experience of having children. Read his insights below:

Babies change everything. Everything! Drop your expectations and your plans – they are only bin-worthy.

I’m still surprised at being partly responsible for creating a real life human being. And the challenge of showing them the ropes – basic things like eating and sleeping – have taken my wife and I on a brutal journey of self-discovery.

I used to think that I was relatively admirable, until I discovered how impatient and short tempered I could be at the meandering nature of bedtime.

Amos, Mike’s eldest, looks happy!

Most mornings, my wife or I are woken by our one-year-old’s talons clawing at one of our faces. And then the other week it dawned on me that most of life seemed to revolve around poo. But then there are those moments when our youngest toddles up to my legs, with arms up-stretched. I hoist her up and she cuddles in close. Pure magic! It is spiritual and transcendent, and it reminds me that life in it’s fullness, is a messy blend of bodily functions and love. It’s the natural and the supernatural. It’s science and it’s poetry.

Parenting is relentless. Children are full of surprises. But, as with anything that is challenging, struggle produces depth. And it is in the digging that treasures are unearthed.

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