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Lorna Gutierrez, author of ‘Dare’ on her visit to London

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Lorna Gutierrez with her book Dare (not the final cover)

Over the summer, Lorna Gutierrez, author of our upcoming picture book Dare, visited us all the way from America!  She wrote a lovely blog about her experience. Read it below!

Recently, my family embarked on a vacation to Europe, with our first stop being London. I’ve been in love with London since I did a semester abroad in England some, I won’t say how many, years ago. But London, in a strange way, has always felt “right” to this American born-and-bred girl. I am American, but my ancestry and roots are various nationalities, (The same for many of London’s people, by the way.) which may have been why I’ve always felt a connection to this city.

So maybe it’s only natural that it’s also the home of my upcoming book “Dare”.

After only communicating via email, meeting, in person, the wonderful people at Tiny Owl was high on my list. So… I left my two children (a daughter, 10, and son, 7) and husband to wander Oxford Circus and took the “tube” (which I LOVE by the way…so efficient!) to the Elephant and Castle stop and made my way over.

It was a pretty hot day and this would make a lot of people crabby. But the beautiful people at Tiny Owl were more than welcoming. They’ve put their passion into books that strengthen and enlighten children’s minds (And the adults reading to the children, I guarantee, are enlightened as well!) and, I’ve found, when you’re doing something you’re passionate about, you’re in your element. (My point being: they’re nice!)

My book, “Dare”, in a way, reiterates what Tiny Owl is about. Tiny Owl is daring to make a positive change and it’s doing just that.

While there, I did a Q&A session for “Dare” and had some photos taken. (We had to get it all in as my normal residence is nearly 5,000 miles away!) I also got to see editor Sophie Hallam, my main point of contact, in person, as well other members of the team, including director Karim Arghandehpour and intern Simran Divatia. (They were all quite lovely!)

The location of Tiny Owl, (Peacock Yard) is not something you would find in America. (Nowhere I’ve seen, anyway). The “yard” is absolutely charming and, in my mind, quintessential English. The green, the flowers, the knick-knacks, the seats and tables, etc. I believe if I worked there, I would move my computer to the yard. (When it’s not raining, that is.)

As a parting gift, I received the wonderful book “Cinderella of the Nile”. (A great read and wonderful illustrations!)

Despite the distance, I’m hoping for more visits with this great crew.

Our European adventures then continued on to Barcelona and Malaga, Spain. I believe that, when you’re in a new place, you do what the locals do. In England, we took the tube everywhere and ate some wonderful fish and chips. In Spain, my son and I were both bitten by a jellyfish so… mission accomplished! We then wrapped up our trip with a few days in Paris and flew home.

Anyway…I truly hope you enjoy reading “Dare” when it’s released. (Currently slated for April.) It was fun to write and it’s even more fun to watch it come to fruition in the form of a book. I believe little ones will be ready to conquer the world when they read it and I hope reading “Dare” becomes a nightly tradition in your home.

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