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What gives you hope in a scary world?
‘I gave the world hope’ – When I Coloured In the World

Today we’re launching a call for submissions on the theme of finding hope in a scary world.

Looking into the belly of your telly can offer up some terrifying images for both adults and children. Horrible monsters building great walls, little people with neither food nor shelter, brothers and sisters fighting and animals dying… The world can sometimes seem a scary place to be.

So how do we foster hope for the future? How do we shine light into the darkness? Through books, you can learn to be brave, to be kind, to take action and to dream. We are calling for submissions from artists and authors to send us ideas that help to build a more friendly world.

Please email your submission to:, with the subject header: Hope in a scary world.

Ø  Illustrators: picture book proposals (please include a minimum of 2-3 illustrations)

Ø  Authors: picture book manuscripts (no more than 600 words)

Submission deadline: 31 October 2017.


All submissions will be carefully considered for publication but please be advised that, due to our small team, we may not be able to respond to all entries.
By submitting artwork, you kindly agree use of your image on our website or social media. You will be credited and copyright remains yours, of course.

* Tiny Owl is committed to publishing books by authors and illustrators from diverse backgrounds. Our aim is to broaden perspectives and introduce artistic and literary traditions from different world views. But at the heart of Tiny Owl Publishing is the message. Every Tiny Owl book is infused with philosophical concepts such as identity, freedom and love that all children can enjoy and reflect upon. By publishing beautifully illustrated, deeply philosophical books, Tiny Owl hopes to bring stories of hope and peace in a fractured world and to build bridges between cultures.


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