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There’s so much to explore from Sorry Mrs Cake!


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We’re delighted with this review of Sorry, Mrs Cake from Check Em Out Books the blog by Tom Griffiths!

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“I don’t think they’re listening, Mrs Cake. Let’s try the mums.”

At a busy fair, Mrs Cake has made lots of delicious treats but no-one seems to notice. A young boy and his cat decide to help her get everyone’s attention. Will it work?

A beautiful page from Sorry Mrs Cake

From Klaus Flugge Prize winner Kate Milner comes a witty, gentle story which reminds us of the importance of listening. I liked the message that you don’t have to be the loudest voice to be heard and I can see how this story was inspired by the rowdy politicians in the European Parliament. Kate is a fantastic illustrator too – her work here has an almost retro feel to it, which I really liked.

As a teacher myself, this is a great text for an EYFS or KS1 classroom. There’s so much to explore from the illustrations as well as discussing how we show others that we are listening and acting respectfully.

Will Mrs Cake ever be heard above the hullabaloo?

Suggested reading age: 4+

Sorry, Mrs Cake! is written by Kate Milner and published by Tiny Owl. It’s published on 17th June 2021. You can preorder your copy here and teaching resources will also be available via this link to the Tiny Owl website soon.

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