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The Flute will get children moving and singing!

Travel the world with the music of The Flute!

The Flute by Ken Wilson-Max is the second book in our series ‘Children, Music, Life’. These picture books for early years will get young children dancing and moving to the rhythm! The stunning, colourful illustrations by Catell Ronca bring the music to life!

Did you know that the oldest musical instrument ever found was a flute? Some have been found that are forty thousand years old! Different types of flute exist in cultures across the world. Music is a great way to experience and appreciate those cultures for yourself! We found some examples of flute music from around the world for you to hear. Have a listen!

This is what most people imagine when they think of a flute, known as a Western concert flute. It’s made of metal and has keys which cover the holes when pressed. Here the incredibly talented young student Emma He plays her flute. The sound produced is very gentle and mellow.

The musician Rasika Sekhar is playing a type of flute from northern India called a bansuri. It’s made of bamboo and has six holes. Unlike the Western flute, it has no keys. The sound is intense and full of emotion.

Musician and composer Rakoto Frah plays the sodina, a type of flute from Madagascar. The sodina can have between three and six holes. This piece of traditional music is light-hearted and joyful – it might make you think of a butterfly floating through the air.

To spark a discussion about music, listen to these pieces with your child. Some questions to talk about are:

Which one is your favourite and why?
How are these flutes different?
How does the music make you feel?

You could even try making some flute-like sounds at home by blowing across the top of different glass bottles.

The Flute is out in March 2019! Pre-order your copy here.

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