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By: Delaram Ghanimifard, Tiny Owl Publishing’s co-founder

As a child, I loved my books. I looked at their pictures before I knew how to read, and wished my dress had the same flowers as the girl in the book. The colours and illustrations amused me for hours. When I grew older and learned to read all-text and no-illustrations books I forgot about the pleasure of picture books. I still loved art books, photograph books, and the proper “coffee table” books though. Later I became a mum and I got introduced to the joy of illustrated story books again. Some of the books that I read to my children were more than a “keep busy” book for them, and now I proudly present them on my coffee table on top of those glossy beautiful illustrated books.

I have asked the opinions of some writers, illustrators, and journalists on this subject to know if they think picture books are just for children, or adults can enjoy them just as much. Today I start with Emily Drabble’s response. You will read the rest gradually. Email us your opinion if you’d like to participate:

Emily Drabble
Emily Drabble


Emily Drabble, the Guardian children’s and teen books site editor:

Picture books are for everyone, of course! Adults read them to younger children (often hundreds or even thousands of times) and the best picture books will be a joy for all to read and re-read! I can’t think how many times I read The Tiger Who Came to Tea or Dogger to my children when they were little, and really those books never get tired!


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