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Tahmineh’s Beautiful Bird

By: Laura Hagerty*


In Tamineh’s Beautiful Bird, Parviz Kalantari uses artistic anthropology to show the colour and beauty of the Qashqai tribes-people in Iran. Through his vivid illustrations readers learn about the theme of nonconformity through the nomadic lifestyle of Tamineh’s tribe. Tamineh and her family are seen making their own bread, milking sheep, and weaving chantehs (carpet-like shoulder bags). They are also seen making their traditional journey south in autumn.


The Qashqai lifestyle may seem simple to an outsider, but it is rich with heritage and tradition. The Qashqai tribes-people have a joy that comes from being surrounded with nature. Tamineh brings that love to life when she creates a chanteh depicting her encounter with a wild bird. She shares the magic of that experience in her artwork on the chanteh.


Tahmineh’s Beautiful Bird

Parviz Kalantari offers readers an inside glimpse towards a culture abundant in the colours of nature and the joys of living a traditional lifestyle that hasn’t conformed to society at large.

*Laura is an intern at Tiny Owl

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