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The Elephant’s Umbrella

Read a wonderful review of The Elephant’s Umbrella by Jane Hall for Carousel Magazine, Summer issue:


The Elephant’s Umbrella by Laleh Jafari tells the story of a very wise umbrella. Elephant is kind and generous, always sharing his umbrella whenever needed. One day though the wind whisks the umbrella away, and it is found by a delighted leopard. But when the umbrella asks, “if I become yours… where will you take me when it rains?” He is dismayed by the leopard’s answer that he will sit under it alone, while eating the results of his day’s hunting. The umbrella moves on, but has similar encounters with other animals – nowhere can she find anyone as kind as the elephant. This charming book tells an important message very simply. Why would the umbrella, or why would anyone, want to be with someone who was selfish and gave no thought to others? Parents will enjoy this thought-provoking book with their children, giving them the opportunity to discuss themes of selflessness and kindness, especially the joy the elephant gets from sharing the umbrella with others. The vivid, collage effect drawing by Ali Khodai perfectly illustrates the jungle setting.

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