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A Bottle of Happiness by Pippa Goodhart & Ehsan Abdollahi

It warms our heart to see North Kensington Library have had a very fun time in the holiday season with Tiny Owl related activities! Their workshop created an environment of creativity, happiness, and diverse thinking, the same type that we adore seeing here at Tiny Owl. The ‘budding artists’ that made up the workshop brought blossoms of smiles to our faces! The pictures of their workshop is truly Bottle of Happiness material!


Please do have a look at their post below:


I am sure that now and then we all come across a new picture book in our libraries that bursts out with that special WOW! factor when your fingers and your heart just itch to make your own picture book, make illustrations just like those, retell the story to all the children in library, at home or in nursery.

Well, one of those magical books is Pippa Goodhart’s “A Bottle of Happiness”. It is a simple warm-hearted story about the real values in life. Not only is Pippa Goodhart’s story a real gem, but Ehsan Abdollahi’s illustrations are awe-inspiring.

So, this is our recipe for a creative display:

1. a few kilograms of Christmas magazines cut and sorted by colours
2. drawn templates (like Abdollahi, I wish) for people, cats, dogs, peacock, birds, weird forests for the background and one specifically requested crocodile
3. spend 3 weeks using every possible opportunity to catch budding artists.


Look at our illustrations – this is the result! I hope you like it! We at North Kensington, certainly do.



A big thank you to Florence, 3 ½ + dad, Maksim, 3 and Philip, 4 + mum, grandma and dad, Matilda, 8 and Margot, 4 ½ + mum, Victorie, 6 ½ + mum, Adam 2 + nanny and many more.

We wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New 2017 Year!

Zvezdana Popovic, SCSA
North Kensington Library


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