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Dare cements the rights to have opinions and to voice them freely!

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We’re delighted to announce that Dare has been featured in Amnesty International’s selection of books to inspire activism in young readers!

At Amnesty, we believe that children’s books are a perfect way to explore human rights, no matter how old you are. No idea is too weighty, even for a toddler, if it is communicated with skill. The best storytellers bring complex ideas to life with deceptive simplicity. Through words and pictures they build children’s knowledge, empathy and agency. They encourage young readers to think, to ask questions and to seek out the truth. To stand up for themselves and each other. These are some of the building blocks of human rights.

Read their review of Dare below.

Minimal rhyming text and bright splashes of colour encourage children to dare to try new things, to take a chance, to speak out, to express themselves and their identities. A wonderfully toddler-friendly and toddler-empowering text which cements the rights to have opinions and to voice them freely. The double page spread of adults and children bearing placards is a delight! (Ages 3 to 7)

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