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The Drum is enjoyed by children all over the world!

What could make creators of a book more proud and amazed than this video? So pure, so authentic, so lovely!

We were delighted to see children in Malawi performing The Drum! Children’s reading charity Book Bus sent us this video after the children enjoyed the book so much they were inspired to do their own reading! Thank you to Book Bus for sending it to us!

The Drum is the first in our series Children. Music. Life. by Ken Wilson-Max and Catell Ronca. The series introduces young children to the joy of music! The next book in the series is The Flute, with two more amazing books to come.

Book Bus work with children in Zambia, Malawi and Ecuador to help improve their reading ability. Their five dedicated book buses have travelled over 250,00 miles to bring children and communities the joy of reading.

Watch the fab performance below!

  • The Drum longlisted for 2019 UKLA Book Awards!
  • Carnegie and Kate Greenaway chooses Cinderella of the Nile and The Drum to promote diversity!
  • Watch author Ken Wilson-Max read The Drum!
  • The music series is designed to get children moving and thinking. An interview with author Ken Wilson-Max

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