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Alive Again is simple but powerful!

Educational consultant and author Charlotte Raby picked Alive Again as one of her top three texts of November for Research Rich Pedagogies. This simple story is perfect for showing children the beauty of the changing seasons. Read her lovely review below!

I have always thought that the mark of a great book is the way it refuses to leave your mind and Alive Again pestered me for days afterwards. Yet it is barely a story. A child looks at the blossoms after they have fallen from the trees and asks, “When the blossom goes, does the word blossom die? Can there ever be blossom again?” The question is repeated for rain, wheat and journey. But then, spring comes again and with it new blossom, and so the word blossom is born, the word becomes alive again.

The idea of a word dying was so powerful for me. I wondered if the book was a thought experiment helping us to imagine the limitations of our language; or what it is like to be a child and not know the cyclical nature of life. And then I thought about how the words we use do get born and do die: we use words to describe our world: each spring blossom is born as we use the word, and then it dies as it is not used. I wondered which words would die forever if the animal or plant didn’t reappear. Will we lose the words that describe the natural world as it changes, as we destroy it?

You don’t need me to tell you that this book is a perfect pairing with the Lost Words by Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris. I can also see the two books creating a powerful stimulus for debate and writing about the words we are not prepared to lose or to discover the words we have already lost. I find it amazing that a simple book can be so powerful. Each word that Ahmadreza uses is perfect and this book is a perfect read.

  • review by Book Trust: A reassuring tale about the philosophical nature of language and being
  • review by Armadillo Magazine: a thought-provoking book
  • review by Patricia Nozell: A wonderful book to share with children in the “why” phase

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