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Alive Again 

Age Range: 6-8


When the blossom disappears, a young boy asks his father if it will ever return – ‘When blossom goes, does the word ‘blossom’ die? Can there be blossom again? When there is no rain does the word ‘rain’ die, so it can never rain again?

This deceptively simple story by Iranian author Ahmadreza Ahmedi belies a much deeper meaning. Similar in style and philosophical musings to his book Like When I Coloured the World, also published by Tiny Owl, Alive Again shows the natural curiosity of a child as they question the world around them. In a gentle way, the author, through the boy’s father is able to explain the whole cycle of birth, death and rebirth – when spring arrives new’ blossom’ is born and when the rains come it too is born again.

from: Alive Again by Nahid Kazemi
from: Alive Again by Nahid Kazemi

The amusing mix of pencil drawings and collage-style by Iranian artist Nahid Kazemi are enchanting and the use of the two colour font helps to emphasise Ahmedi’s text.

Another excellent title highlighting Iranian authors and illustrators from Tiny Owl Publishing.

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