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Are picture books for children, or adults can enjoy them just as much?

Read Pippa Goodhart’s answer:

Pippa Goodhart

‘Adults can certainly appreciate picture books, although some might have to re-learn the art of immersing yourself into a visual story in the way that children do as a text is read aloud to them, and to finding more in a story on repeated readings.  There’s such an emphasis on ‘literacy’ in schools, whilst artwork is given little attention, that we are teaching people to value writing more highly than pictures.  We also make much of texts which are complex or obscure.  As a result, some adults have an almost snobbish view of picture books.  Pictures are ‘easy’ to access, as are short simple texts, and they feel that picture books must therefore be just for children.  Some picture books are, truly, aimed squarely at the interests of very young people.  But other picture books, seemingly simple, carry layers of meaning that relate to all our lives, whatever our age and size.   ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’ is just one example of that.  Some picture books are proudly political if you read them with an adult experience and sensibility.  ‘TheLittle Black Fish’ is a prime example of that.  So, adults, open yourselves to picture books and enjoy the riches to be found there!’

Pippa Goodhart is the author of our forthcoming book: A Bottle of Happiness


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