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Read an interview with Anne Booth, author of Bloom!

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Anne Booth, author of Bloom

We were lucky enough to get a quick interview with the wonderful Anne Booth, author of our book Bloom! Here’s what she had to say about her beautiful, heartwarming story.

Tell us a little bit about Bloom.
‘Bloom’ is a story about someone who won’t share something lovely , even though he has never really noticed and appreciated it himself. It’s about how someone learns to love.  It’s about how, taking time to see and appreciate what is right in front of us and taking time to express love, brings everything and everyone alive, and makes us bloom.
What inspired you to write a story where an adult has a lot to learn from a child?
I think that in general, adults CAN learn a lot from children, from their energy and enthusiasm and fresh take on life. Whenever I go to a school or spend time with a child, I always come away feeling I have received something special – they have made me laugh, or made me think, or just disarmed me with their openness and directness. I think it is also important to know, however, that the child in Bloom has received love from adults  – I didn’t say that in the text, or mention it to Robyn, so I think how it is beautiful and wise how she has drawn a family which is nurturing and loving. The little girl knows how to love because she is loved – maybe the man has never really been loved himself, and that is why he needs to be taught.
Bloom is part of our Hope in a Scary World series. What message would you like readers to take from it?
I would like readers to let themselves ‘stop and smell the flowers’ each day, to take time, even in a scary world, to notice and love the beautiful things, however small, in their lives. I have to remind myself to do this too, as I can get very scared and overwhelmed – but I know that whenever I remember to stop and focus on what is lovely, and be grateful for what I have, I always feel better and stronger and I have hope even in a scary world.
What do you think of Robyn’s illustrations?
I think that Robyn has done a wonderful job and really understood the text and brought something unique to her illustration of it – like the example of how she naturally created a loving family for the little girl, which makes complete sense.
What do you like to do when you’re not writing?
I love being with my family and I love being with and walking my dogs in the countryside. I love reading other people’s books and I love children’s illustration too.  I love music and films and funny programmes. I love being quiet and thinking about lovely things,  and I love being with good friends. I am trying to make my garden nice too!
Have you got any exciting future projects you can tell us about?
I am writing more books and I am trying, very shyly, to get better at illustration too – I am enjoying learning about colour and I hope to spend more time drawing and painting.
What advice do you have for any budding writers out there?
For budding writers I would say, read and look . If you want to write picture books, read picture books, and LOVE them! Take just as much time admiring the illustrations as the words – in a good picture book the illustrations and words need each other. I also think, trust in yourself and don’t try to be someone else. Look at lots of different types of picture books and work out what your style is. Be yourself and write the story you truly care about, that you believe in – that will give you energy and help you bloom!


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