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A Rainbow in My Pocket
A Rainbow in My Pocket

Read a wonderful review of A Rainbow in My Pocket by fab Gill Robins in Books For Keeps:


Redolent of the work of Eric Carle, this beautiful book attempts to capture the ephemeral thoughts and wishes of a young child. The poetic sentences of the text take the reader gently through a week of images and fleeting wishes. It’s a week in which you are encouraged, if you can’t fit the rainbow in your pocket, to make your dreams so big that you can fit whatever you like inside of them.


The delicate collages of the art work reflect the fragile and fleeting nature of a young child’s curiosity. Just like a rainbow, the meaning of the story is hard to capture or define. Think of it more as a series of impressionist thoughts that are here, then gone. It’s about the simplicity and tenderness of life. It’s about the naivety of a child’s wonder at the natural world. But mostly it’s about what to do when you can’t fit the rainbow in your pocket.


Written and illustrated by an experienced Iranian team, this is a book to linger over, to ponder, and to prompt dialogue with any young child about the magic and wonder of their own world.




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