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The New Baby and Me

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Read a fantastic review of The New Baby and Me by Anne Harding, written for The School Librarianthe journal of the School Library Association. They recommend the book for children aged 8 years and younger.

Five siblings await a baby’s arrival into the family. Each of them has their own vision of what the baby will be like. Then the baby arrives, and what a surprise for the brothers!

Good picture books about new babies play an important role. This is an attractive and unusual one. It’s a tender and amusing tale, written with subtle simplicity by Christine Kidney, with distinctive and intriguing collage illustrations by Hoda Hadaddi, who is probably best known in the UK for A Rainbow in My Pocket. The way it values everyone’s different personalities, skills, interests and dreams, while delicately questioning gender stereotypes, makes it particularly special and useful. There are ideas at the end for creating collages and scrapbooks.

  • The New Baby and Me here in paperback coming soon! Pre-order !
  • An interview with author Christine Kidney
  • A wonderful review by Book Trust
  • Fantastic creative activities to welcome home a new baby!
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