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A stunning, reflective story about the natural world! – Check ‘Em Out Books


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We always love a book review from Check ‘Em Out Books, and their latest did not disappoint! Read their full review of our newest publication, Rock and Roll, below!


Rock and Roll – Hazel Terry

High up in the mountains, there were two boulders called Rock and Roll. One stood flat and one stood tall.

Boulders Rock and Roll have stood high up in the mountains and always marvelled at the beauty of the world. However, when humans come along and decorate them in beautiful things, they learn other emotions, including jealousy, and things start to topple. Will they stay mighty boulders together?

A Tiny Owl delivery always means a great book and Rock and Roll is another excellent picture book to add to the collection. It is such a beautiful story dealing with so many issues including happiness, jealousy and unfairness so something relevant to all readers. There are interesting conversations you can have with your children in class as well around this – what does ‘tickled pink’ mean and when have you felt that way? What made them jealous? How would Rock have felt when Roll ‘whined’ to the wind? Should Roll have just spoken to Rock? How would you have said that to Rock?

Besides the issues covered in Rock and Roll, the other highlight is obviously the illustrations. The gorgeous fossil prints mean readers will keep referring back to the pages to explore what else is on the page. I really liked the information at the end about rocks and it really reinforces Hazel’s vision to show life as interconnected, precious and important. A visually stunning, reflective story around the natural world, Rock and Roll is definitely a picture book to add to your shelves.

Suggested reading age: 3+

Rock and Roll is written and illustrated by Hazel Terry. It is published by Tiny Owl and you can order your copy here.


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