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The Jackal Who Thought He Was A Peacock

Educational consultant Jill Bennett wrote a lovely review of The Jackal Who Thought He Was a Peacock for her children’s book blog Red Reading Hub! Read her review below!

The Jackal Who Thought He Was a Peacock
Firoozeh Golmohammadi
Tiny Owl Publishing
Coming to terms with and accepting one’s own identity is at the heart of this striking reworking of a Rumi fable.
Dissatisfied with his dull grey and brown fur, a jackal longs to stand out from the crowd like a colourful peacock and to this end, adorns himself with bright objects he comes across, and spends much of his time observing those stunning birds, further strengthening his desire to become one.
One night the jackal has a dream wherein his wish has finally come true: he has become a beautiful peacock waited on hand and foot by the other creatures, so dazzled are they by his beauty.

DSCN6241 (800x600)

Until that is, the loudness of his bossy orders wakes him from his slumbers bringing him firmly back to his grey-brown reality.
However, the desire remains stronger than ever, and thus it is that the jackal pays a visit to the dyer’s house where, dazzling in the moonlight stand vats of wonderful coloured paint into which of course, one by one, the jackal leaps.
The result is spectacular, the dyer furious and the jackal? He’s cock-a-hoop.

DSCN6239 (800x600)

But we know – and jackal is soon to discover – pride comes before a fall; and fall he does, pretty hard. So, has that would-be peacock finally come to terms with his ‘jackalness’? Well, yes … and no.
Firoozeh Golmohammadi’s portraits of the animal characters and the landscape and townscape settings are executed in a painterly style which is at once absorbing and arresting.
As with all Tiny Owl publications, the book’s design and the quality of the production are superb.

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