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Alive Again

Read a wonderful review of Alive Again by Annie Everall for Carousel Magazine:

Written by one of the most famous contemporary Iranian poets, this is a story about exploring language and understanding the world. When the wind blows all the blossom from the trees, a small child wonders if that means the word ‘blossom’ dies, or when no rain falls does the word ‘rain’ die and if no one goes on a journey, does the word ‘journey’ die too. However, the boy’s father helps him to understand, how the words are reborn in the new seasons. With simple text and style, this picture book is deceptive in its simplicity. There is much to stimulate a child’s imagination and language development. Wonderful illustrations, created by a mix of fabric collage and pencil, enhance the text and give an almost three-dimensional feel. First published in Iran in 2013 and now published here by Tiny Owl, an independent company, which aims to increase children’s awareness of love, friendship, freedom and diversity, by introducing exciting new books to the world of children’s literature.

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  • visit to the poet of hope and peace, Ahmadreza Ahmadi


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