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The Snowman and the Sun as reviewed by Armadillo:


Written by: Susan Taghdis

Illustrated by: Ali Mafakheri

Published by: Tiny Owl Books

Reviewed by: Dawn Casey

‘What happens if I melt?’ wonders the snowman.

As the warm sun shines and the breeze blows, the snowman goes on a journey of transformation, experiencing being running water, a drifting cloud and floating snow before a little boy makes him back into a snowman again.

I love the magical way this story animates the world: with a laughing sun and a snowman who can think and feel and respond. The snowman finds the ground tickly, and loves flying free as a cloud. 

The Snowman and the Sun
The Snowman and the Sun

At the same time, the use of scientific vocabulary (such as evaporation and transformation) means this book will be useful to children learning about the water cycle.

The cycle the story follows is so universal that the book offers many possible wisdoms; touching on change, attachment and acceptance.

The Snowman and the Sun is a simple story with profound depth.


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