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Read a wonderful review of The Elephant’s Umbrella by Jo Bowers for the English Association:

A colourfully illustrated picture book that has a very short and simple story with a heart-warming theme of generosity at its core. Elephant loves his brightly coloured umbrella that gets taken away from him by a gust of wind one day and lands with other jungle animals who want the umbrella for themselves. The umbrella asks each animal the question, where will you take me if it rains? Each time they want to keep the umbrella to themselves so umbrella doesn’t stay. The story invites you to explore kindness and altruism and would be perfect with young children for philosophical enquiry and PSHE.

  • review by Carousel Magazine: An opportunity for parents to discuss themes of selflessness and kindness
  • The Sunday Times: Watch out for the Elephant’s Umbrella! Link

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