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‘A rhythmic text with a message that we are better together’ – Instagram Reviewer

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We loved reading this review of Rock and Roll from a children’s book editor! We especially enjoyed how they were inspired by the book to showcase their own painted rock! Read in full below!


Rock and Roll by Hazel Terry


The blurb: “Rock and Roll are boulders, both standing the test of time high up in the mountains. But when the people come along, adorning them with beautiful things, they soon become jealous of each other, and things begin to topple… Will they remain mighty forever?”

In this book we meet two rocks who stand high above the ground. They admire the stars in the sky and the rainbow in the valleys. They withstand icy winters. But when people arrive at the rock and adorn them with beautiful things, they start to fight. What will happen when they feel the wrath of the wind and the rain?

In this wonderfully poetic book, the illustrator Hazel Terry used fossil patterns to create the textures on the boulders. It works brilliantly, and along with the colour palette, makes the book feel original and unique. It has lovely rhythmic text with a good underlying message that we are all better together.



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