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This is a masterful retelling of one of Aesop’s Fables.

It is retold by Mahni Tazhibi. Originally written in Persian it has been skillfully and sympathetically translated by Azita Rassi.

The evocative and colourful illustrations are by Mahni Tazhibi, himself.

It is published by Tiny Owl Publishing and is in large format, so is a beautiful book for sharing with children and for children to read by themselves.

It tells the traditional story of how a young and bored shepherd boy tricks his fellow villagers many times into running out into the sheep pastures with his false alarm call warning them that a wolf has got into the sheep.

Eventually a wolf really does come to the flock of sheep and when the shepherd boy cries out for help, this time, nobody comes, with the inevitable result.

It costs £11.99 and is beautifully produced.

It will make an ideal birthday present or an ideal item to be placed in the forward planning Christmas present box!

Written: 15th February 2015
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