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The Little Black Fish
The Little Black Fish

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Read a wonderful review of The Little Black Fish by Jo Bowers for the English Association:

This is a powerful and remarkable story that is a short story within a picture book. Little Black Fish decides to swim out of the pool that all his other fellow fish swim around in day in, day out, too scared to do anything other than their set routine. They try to scare Little Black Fish into staying and doing the same but he is determined to see what is out in the rest of the world. The whole story is his journey and is filled with wonders and dangers until he finally reaches the sea. It is a story within a story as the tale of the Little Black Fish is being told as a bedtime story by an old fish to her twelve thousand grandchildren. Once again, another beautifully illustrated story from Tiny Owl that offers opportunities throughout to question and think about life. This very short review doesn’t give justice to just how much this story is an allegory for life for both children and adults.

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