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An older sister shares how her family prepared for a new baby

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Jade, Charlie and baby Sam!
Every family prepares for a new arrival in slightly different ways. In our picture book The New Baby and Me, five brothers begin to prepare for the birth of a new sibling, and start making big plans! Older brothers and sisters can have a lot of involvement in how a family gets ready for a new addition. We spoke with Jade, who lives near Cambridge and is the eldest sibling in a family with four children. She shared her own experience of preparing for the arrival of her second sibling:

I don’t really remember when my brother Charlie was born because I was only 2, but when my little sister Sam came along I was 9. Before Sam was born, we all went on a holiday to Disney together: that’s where Mum told us she was going to have another baby! It was great place to give us such big news: we were both so excited, especially because we had no idea if we were going to get a little brother or sister.

The New Baby and Me!

We were kept very involved in all the preparing for the new arrival, with Charlie being the one who actually ended up naming her! Me and Charlie used to sit and look through baby name books and try and decide what we thought the new baby should be called! He would go through and underline all the ones he approved of, and would very readily dismiss any ideas that he didn’t like, even when it came from the grandparents!

We also all helped out to get the nursery ready for her, painting the walls together. I remember that we got to redecorate our bedrooms as well, so that we wouldn’t feel left out, and I think that really helped. We would speak to her and read to her before she was born, so we already felt close to her. When she finally arrived, Charlie wasn’t even disappointed that it wasn’t a boy, we were both just so excited to have a new baby sister!

The New Baby and Me tells the tale of five brothers who eagerly imagine what their new brother will be like. Will he be a scientist, a dreamer, or an explorer? They all think he will be just like them, but they are in for a big surprise! The New Baby and Me will be published in paperback on September 6th! If you would like the best resource for preparing your children for a new arrival to the family, pre-order here.

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