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Read a nice review of Will & Nill by Melanié McGilloway for Armadillo:

Will & Nill
Will & Nill

Meet Will and Nill, two alley cats who have little in common apart from one major thing: being hungry. While Nill will happily bask in the sun all day despite his belly rumbling, Will is desperate to do something to forget about the empty pit in his stomach. But laziness can make you lose out on many opportunities, which Nill eventually discovers.

Will and Nill is a lovely cautionary tale about the nature of cats which can easily be likened to human behaviour also: a little effort can take you a long way, while being idle gets you nowhere. There are many cautionary tales available in picture book format, but this is a translation from a book originally from Iran, bringing a brand new setting to a familiar theme.

The wonderful warm colours used throughout the book help set the scene beautifully with the visible brush strokes bring a textured feel to the drawings particularly effective. You can almost feel the heat radiating from the pages, which makes the reader sympathize with the cats’ lethargy. The longer text might make it suitable for somewhat older audiences who can sit for slightly longer to hear the story but there is plenty in the artwork to entertain younger children too.

Will & Nill 4
Will & Nill

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