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There’s Room for Everyone is an assembly favourite!

Karl Duke, headteacher at Blyton cum Laughton CE Primary School told us how much he loved There’s Room for Everyone! He kindly sent us this fantastic review explaining why it was perfect for his school’s library and as an assembly read. Read it below!

From the title page where a young child looks longingly skywards, to the view of the washing line where we find birds comfortably nestling together and observing the world around them, we know we are on a journey through a child’s eyes.

Or at least we are to begin with.

A key theme in the book is the contrast between how children and adults view the world, told actually, we later find out, through the eyes of an elderly man who is recounting his experiences through life. In the case of There’s Room for Everyone, we see how children have difficulty understanding why the space in the world cannot be shared by everyone.

As the journey through life starts, the boy is happily sharing his space with all of the cuddly toys in his bed, yet as an adult he struggles to find a seat on the bus or a patient place in a queue. Conflict replaces tolerance as the boy moves into adulthood, powerfully, yet humorously, seen during a reference to war.

The illustrations throughout are vibrant with colour and pages are filled with characters sharing their emotions through exaggerated movements. As the reader, we follow the long limbs around the page as they initially provide warmth and protection before later becoming tools of frustration.

The book is a highly relevant message to the children reading that they themselves have the power to allow everyone to have their place in the world; that if they treat people with kindness, the space can be shared by all and it shouldn’t take life’s experiences seen through aged eyes to learn that lesson.

There’s Room for Everyone is a book that has stayed with me and will be a valuable addition to the school library and a definite assembly favourite.

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