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This is a delightful picture book by newly emerging children’s publishers Tiny Owl Books. Tiny Owl is a purveyor of Global Children’s Literature, and ‘The Orange House’ by author and illustrator Nahid Kazemi, translated from its original Persian publication by Azita Rassi, used to make and hand-paint her own books as a child – and this tactile and authentic feel is evident in this beautifully designed picture book.
The pictures are almost ‘childlike’ in their imagery, which would make it particularly appealing to a young audience and a great stimulus for art and geography lessons. A tale of change and the passing of time, this story follows the journey of the small Orange House which ‘stands at the end of the alley, feeling sad and left out as all the nearby tall buildings admire another new building being built’. It is a lyrically told and sympathetic portrayal of new versus old and how we can incorporate and remain sympathetic to our cultural heritage whilst keeping up with the needs of a fast-paced and growing world.

An extract from The Orange House
An extract from The Orange House

A wonderful example of children’s literature from outside the UK, this book could be used across the age phases. With early years it is a great and unique addition to a theme on ‘homes’ or ‘towns and cities’, yet with older years it could be used as the basis for a philosophy for children stimulus or circle time – delving deeper into the more subtle themes within the book, such as friendship, generational change and a sense of belonging.
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