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The Little Black Fish

We love to hear our readers’ thoughts on our books! Here are some great reviews of The Little Black Fish on Goodreads!

Writer and blogger Soumya said: “The Little Black Fish by Samad Behrangi is a story of bravery and adventure. The Little Black Fish sets out on a journey to discover where his stream ends. He did not listen to the advice of his mother and neighbors about sticking to the stream but went out to explore the world. As a result, he found many new animals such as the frog, deer, crab and the harmful pelicans. The illustrations by Farshid Mesghali were unique. The pictures were mostly black and white with a few colors highlighted. This is a good book to inculcate a spark of adventure in little ones (5-7 years old).”

Teacher Barbara said: “Although some of my college students might complain that this picture book has far too much text, the story itself is important, whether read on its own merits as a tale about an adventurous fish who wants to learn more about the world and push the boundaries of his world or as an allegory about the political condition of Iran. The book was originally published in Farsi in 1968. Savvy readers can find connections to situations in today’s world in its pages, making it all the more relevant today as it was when it was originally published. The plot concerns a curious Little Black Fish whose curiosity leads him to leave home and all that is familiar despite his mother’s concerns and warnings. He does face many dangers along the way, but he also sees wondrous sights that he’d have missed if he hadn’t taken any chances. There is much to learn from its pages. While I might have hoped for a better ending, in some ways, it is a fitting one too and one that leaves readers thinking about their own actions and the limits they and those around them may place on themselves. Older readers will certainly want to read the back matter, which lends even more poignancy and impact to the story. The mixed media illustrations fit the story quite well.”

Jim said “With age comes wisdom. But sometimes with age, we lose our dreams. And wisdom is a pretty poor replacement for dreams.

There are a lot of interesting themes in this book. Working together. Loyalty. Bravery. Those in power trying to turn those working together against each other.

Written in 1968 in Iran, this is a fantastic kids’ book with lots of ideas. Of course, it was banned – we wouldn’t want people to think. Take a look. ”

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