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Under the Great Plum Tree is exquisitely produced

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A timeless tale of friendship, forgiveness and finding your courage

The wonderful book blogger Library Girl and Book Boy has written this fantastic review of Under the Great Plum Tree. Read what Jo had to say below!

You know when you receive a package in the post from Tiny Owl that it’s going to contain a beautifully produced title of diverse heritage. ‘Under the Great Plum Tree’ comes from Panchatantra, which is an ancient collection of Indian animal fables. Various versions of the same story can be found around the world (making it perfect to use in schools!)

When golden-hearted monkey, Miss Bandari, spots old crocodile, Mr. Magarmach seeking shade beneath her tree, she takes pity in the poor creature and offers him one of her sweet, juicy plums. The two become firm friends and share many stories together. But when Mr. Magarmach takes his friend to see King Crocodile for lunch, things don’t go as he had expected.

Dalvand’s vibrant illustrations are inspired by Indo-Persian traditions and designs from a range of cultures to ensure they resonate with readers across the globe.

A timeless tale of friendship, forgiveness and finding your courage. 4+

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Tiny Owl for sending me this title to review*

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