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Top marks for The Drum!

Hooray! Sue McGonigle for Books for Keeps magazine has written a lovely review of The Drum, which she awards five stars! Read the review below!

On a tropical beach a series of different drummers are playing and everyone is dancing to the beat.

The simple text is memorable with rhyme and a rhythm reflecting the drum beats. Instructions are given for moving to the beat, shaking hips and stomping feet tempting readers to join in and dance along with the enthusiastic crowd. Links are made to our own bodies and life itself with the heart a drum beating inside us. The illustrations are vibrant, cleverly conveying a sense of rhythmic drumming and contributing to the key messages of the book. Life, rhythm and diversity is celebrated in the range of creatures emerging in the penultimate spread and in the diversity of individuals enjoying dancing to the beat and playing the drums.

The Drum is the first of a new series from publisher Tiny Owl entitled Children, Music, Life. This is a wonderful book in small hardback format perfect for small hands which children and adults will enjoy sharing again and again. Who will be able to resist dancing to the beat?

Sue McGonigle is a Lecturer in Primary Education and Co-Creator of Love My Books.

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