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Congratulations to the children at North Ormesby Primary Academy! Last week, we were delighted to hear that Year 5 and 6 children had been inspired by our best-selling title When I Coloured in the World by Ahmadreza Ahmadi. They had shared their amazing art display on Twitter so we got in touch to find out more about it.

Craig Nicholson (Vice Principal) tells us more:

We came across the book back in October, through social media, and posted a link to it on our Twitter account – we were so fond of the extract we read that we ordered a copy for school.

North Ormesby Primary Academy
North Ormesby Primary Academy

The Y5/6 children had been learning about photography; how to use their iPads to take effective photographs in and around the school grounds. We talked about stance, angles, distance, resolution etc., and the children went around school and took some stunning shots of nature.

As the building work we were having done to the school was coming to a close, we knew we needed some ‘art’ for the new walls in our new meeting room – we decided to set the Y5/6 children a challenge; through some project-based learning using the book, they were to create some artwork to go on the walls.

We ran the project over the course of a day, starting by sharing, reading and analysing the poem. The children noticed there was a lot of repetition in the poem, in terms of its style and also that there was consistent evidence of synonyms. We took the opportunity to learn more about this, picking out the synonyms and coming up with our own antonyms.  This led us to talk at length about the moral of the poem and really philosophical discussions were had!

After break, the children picked their favourite page/colour, and the gauntlet was laid out to them! They spent up until lunchtime going around school, using their knowledge of photography to capture stunning images that incorporated their chosen page/colour.

After lunch, the children spent the time editing three of their best images using the ‘colour-splash’ technique, enhancing their chosen colour to coincide with their text.

The final images were uploaded to our drive and we chose 10 to add the text to and print on A1 foam board to be displayed on the walls.


Chris (principal) and I loved the book the minute we got hold of it, and we chatted about all the incredible teaching and learning that could be done with it!

When we knew we needed artwork for the walls, it just made sense! The children loved learning about photography and this was a great way to master their skills, analyse poetry and just enjoy learning based on a fantastic book.

We couldn’t be happier with the end product and we’d really like to thank Ahmadreza for the inspiration!” Craig Nicholson (Vice Principal)

Thank you to all the children and teachers at North Ormesby Primary Academy! We were delighted to share in your amazing work. Ahmadreza Ahmadi will be very happy that you were all inspired by his poem.


More about When I Coloured in the World:

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Buy When I Coloured in the World, paperback, 32pp, £7.99 (discounts may apply)

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