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The Clever Mouse

The Clever Mouse

Author/illustrator: Anahita Taymorian

Age: 4+

Key stage: 1


The Clever Mouse is available in paperback! This mousy love story with a heartwarming twist in the tail was praised by Outside in World for showing readers ‘the importance of respecting others and the value of true love and friendship’.

I’m sure we can all see a bit of ourselves in Mr. Koochi the mouse – perhaps more than we’d like to admit! Mr. Koochi is a self-made mouse: he’s built his own home and grown his own food. Next he decides that what he needs is a wife, and, being the clever mouse he is, he sees no reason why he shouldn’t set his sights on the King’s daughter herself! But when she turns out not to be as beautiful as he imagined, the not-so-clever mouse must learn an important lesson about what things in life are really the most valuable.

The princess in The Clever Mouse

The Clever Mouse is completed by the wonderfully rich, quirky illustrations of Anahita Taymorian, with an earthy palette and faces in profile: a style reminiscent of folk art, adding to the sense of the story being a kind of modern folk tale.

And indeed, in many ways, the story of The Clever Mouse is not a new one. As Anahita Taymorian herself says, there are many stories in which ‘someone dreams of the king’s beautiful daughter’. But there’s a twist on this idea of beauty: ‘in our story, the beauty of the princess is her kindness.’ And that’s what gives this story such a heartwarming message.



  • A review by Outside in World: The value of true love and friendship


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