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Buy A Bottle of Happiness, paperback

Exciting news! One of our bestselling titles, A Bottle of Happiness, is out now in paperback. Last year we revealed that A Bottle of Happiness, and The Elephant’s Umbrella, had been nominated for the CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal, which is an award recognising distinguished illustration in a children’s book. It is very exciting news, and we can’t wait to keep you updated as we find out the results. But for now, it is exhilarating enough that you can buy this amazing book in paperback.

A Bottle of Happiness
A Bottle of Happiness

A Bottle of Happiness, written by Pippa Goodhart and stunningly illustrated by Ehsan Abdollahi, tells the tale of two towns on either side of a mountain. One town was very rich, and was only concerned with getting richer. The other town was much poorer, and everyone had to share, but they seemed happier than the other town. One day a little boy called Pim and his dog Tiddle decide to cross the mountain to visit the town on the other side; he is searching for new stories and adventures. When they talk to Pim, the rich townspeople want some of the poorer townspeople’s music and laughter. So Pim decides to see if you can really bottle happiness.

We’re excited as A Bottle of Happiness can touch many more people with its new paperback edition, giving it the chance to teach everyone that happiness comes not from the things we have, but from the love we share.

A Bottle of Happiness
A Bottle of Happiness

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