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It’s always so lovely to see Tiny Owl books being enjoyed at bedtime. Instagram user Poulomi Pal has shared this delightful review of A Bottle of Happiness! Have a look at what they had to say!

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It was #saturdaynight and Zuni had a little indulgence.. She was allowed to pick 3 story books instead of 1 or 2(rarely) and the lights off was delayed by sometime… the first one was #tootandpuddleadventures viz. #illbehomeforchristmas… so #snow was introduced to Zuni who thought its rain… then we rushed to the freezer to find snow which was empty..😏 but today mummy will do something about it… she loved their adventure of making it home through snow and recognised the #aeroplane age flew few days back. Oh of course she was curious about baking and loved their cakes.. The second one-#littlelostcowboy touches her heart and she kept on repeating the story.. a little puppy.. #cowboycoyote got #lost in the harsh surroundings and was asking people for help… he was helpless, hurt and fearful till his mother came and he held on to her tail and made the journey.. Zuni looked again and again at the picture of the two and cuddled upto us… the sense of being far away from the safety net of parents is so scary…. and we promised whatever happens mummy will always #find her!! The third was a stretch… but one of my favorite collections by @tiny_owl_publishing #abottleofhappiness by #pippagoodhart and illustrations by #ehsanabdollahi and this book requires a separate post… the illustrations… the more I say the less it is… and then it was finally time to sleep.. #zunidiaries #zunistories #childrensbooks #bedtimestories

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