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A Bottle of Happiness


We are so excited to be recognised by EmpathyLab for our book A Bottle of Happiness! The organisation celebrates the power of children’s books to inspire empathy. For Empathy Day on 13 June, EmpathyLab released a list of 21 books for students aged 4-11 to inspire empathy and social action. The Read for Empathy Guide titles were recommended by parents and teachers and endorsed by The Sunday Times children’s book reviewer, Nicolette Jones. The Guide also provides top tips for parents to talk to children about books in ways which build their empathy skills.  Tiny Owl’s title A Bottle of Happiness by Pippa Goodhart and Ehsan Abdollahi was included in the list and we couldn’t be more pleased!


We got a chance to talk with Miranda McKearney, founder of EmpathyLab last week about the importance of empathy in the classroom. She said, “Globalisation means that children will be in increasingly diverse classrooms, alongside people who may hold very different beliefs and have very different home cultures. It’s imperative we raise children who can do more than just cope with this difference. How wonderful if instead they feel able to embrace, respect and relish it. In this landscape empathy skills will be more important than they’ve ever been, and in children’s books we have the most wonderful tool to build them.”


We couldn’t agree more and are thrilled that parents and teachers agree “A Bottle of Happiness” is a wonderful way to teach children how two very different types of people can learn and grow from each other. To view the full list of titles included on the Empathy Day book list and to get some great tips for reading books for empathy with your children, check out EmpathyLab’s guide released today.

  • A Bottle of Happiness among the best books of the year by the Sunday Times
  • Read a review by the School Library Association: Bring out an artistic side in children

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