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The Parrot and the Merchant

Seven year old Alexandria has written a lovely review of The Parrot and the Merchant for Kids’ Book Buzz! She gave it 5 stars!

The Parrot and the Merchant is a really good book. There was a merchant who collects parrots wherever she goes to journey and trade. The message is very good. I’ll give it a hundred stars. It’s one of my favorites because the parrot learns how to be free. The merchant visited the jungle and brought her parrot back some advice. When she gets home, at first the merchant thinks her parrot died of sadness, but then it straightens up, flies up into the tree, and goes back to its home. The merchant learned that when you think something’s dead, sometimes it can still be alive, but it was just playing dead. The merchant also learned that sometimes it’s important to let animals be free and to not capture them. Wild animals should always live in the wilderness, so they can be free. The book is probably best for ages seven and older because younger kids, like my little brothers, didn’t quite get why the bird flew away. The illustrations are pretty, and I like the fancy writing on the front because I’m learning how to write cursive.

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