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Tiny Owl Publishing is pleased to announce that we will be releasing two new hardback titles before the end of the year.

The Jackal Who Thought He Was A Peacock and The Orange House will be released in January but available to buy in online bookstores by December; just in time for Christmas.

The Jackal Who Thought He Was A Peacock is a fable by the thirteenth century poet, Rumi about accepting ones identity. The jackal is unhappy about his appearance and wants to become a colourful peacock. He decides to paint himself as a peacock, but this doesn’t work.


The jackal has never been the same since he saw the peacocks. Now he looks at his grey and brown fur and thinks how boring he looks. He wonders how he can change it, to be beautiful and dazzling like the peacocks. He’s always collecting colourful things to stick on his fur but nothing seems to work.

Then he hatches a clever plan that will once and for all turn him into the brightest, most brilliant jackal, just like the peacocks. His jackal friends look on and shake their heads.

The Orange House, also available to buy from December is about an old orange brick house.


The small Orange House stands at the end of the alley, feeling sad and left out as all the nearby tall buildings admire another new building being built. Her old stone stairs and pipes are no match for the new building’s elevator and brand new pipes that they say will never burst.

Feeling she has no place in the world anymore, the Orange House finds surprising new friends as the workmen advance towards her with their shovels and picks.

These titles will be Tiny Owl Publishing’s tenth and eleventh released since the publisher formed.

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