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Dare is bold and joyful!

Lecturer in Primary Education Sue McGonigle has reviewed Dare in Books for Keeps. She gave it five stars!

Dare is a poem in a picturebook form, with bold and joyful illustrations in line and colour which combine perfectly with the deceptively simple, sophisticated and powerful text. Each double page spread is a motivating declaration. The text encourages young readers to aspire to achieve their dreams, take risks, be creative, reach out, help others and even perhaps, inspire them too. Readers are encouraged to enjoy their own company, find time to notice and wonder at the beauty of our world and make a stand to protect it too. The final spreads emphasise the importance of being yourself, recognising everyone is individual and special. The images reflect diversity and gently challenge stereotypes; a little girl dreams of becoming an astronaut and a little boy unselfconsciously dresses in a tutu. A child wearing a hearing aid finds visual ways to communicate her powerful message about the environment and ‘dares’ to protest. This is an exuberant picturebook providing lots for adults and children to talk about together.

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