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Left on its own, a large egg rocks back and forth. Suddenly there is a crack and out pops a fat little chick. The chick is all alone in the world. The animals living nearby don’t know what to do as they’ve never looked after a baby bird before. An unlikely assortment of foster parents takes over the job of trying to bring up ‘Baby’, as they call him, because he’s everyone’s baby’. They don’t always get it right but they do love him.

A Bird Like Himself is a funny, understated story about the importance of parental love and of growing up by Iranian author and illustrator Anahita Teymorian. The humorous illustrations show all the different animals as they attempt to care for Baby – playtime is in a mouth full of teeth and then there are the numerous attempts to teach Baby how to fly.

Tiny Owl is a newly established children’s book publisher bringing a collection of literature from Persia to the UK and this lovely, gently story is sure to engage any young child

The book is available at all online bookshops around the world.

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