Coming Alive Again!

By Alice Ahearn* Dark mornings, skeletal trees, damp chilly commutes. Winter really doesn’t have much going for it, and by last week it seemed to have been going on forever. But during this week, all of a sudden, clues have started appearing: a green shoot here, a flower bud there. I’ve seen my first snowdrop. […]

An illustration from The Orange House by Nahid Kazemi

Build Bridges, Not Walls!

By: Azita Rassi* Almost all of the pictures I have seen of the new president of the United States show him wearing a belligerent scowl. He looks aggressive and intolerant. His words do not ameliorate this image. He calls for walls, for an impenetrable stronghold, for keeping people out. He is an advocate of separation, […]

Bijan & Manije

Better than chocolate and flowers!

Love is in the air, and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. What better way to show your love than through a story? Bijan & Manije reveals the true meaning of love; showing how you feel doesn’t always mean buying chocolates or flowers. Love is putting the people you care about before yourself. Love […]