Books as hugs!

Books as hugs!

By: Alice Ahearn* Duvet off, duvet on, left side, right side. Sigh! We all know the agonising frustration of being unable to sleep. Often, though, I’ve found I can combat it by reading. It doesn’t have to be for long, but it’s perfect for helping me to settle into bed, and to avoid replaying my […]

By Hoda Haddai

Happy Mother’s Day!

Mothers play such an important role in our everyday lives. They are caring, generous and supportive. They offer a hand to hold, or a shoulder to cry on. Mothers lend an ear to hear our words, and let us know when we are being stubborn or careless. They are forgiving, honest and patient. Sometimes mothers […]

Lost without translation!

Lost without translation!

By: Alice Ahearn* You can only read translated books for so long before it occurs to you to pull up and ask, what exactly is it about certain translations that makes them good? In the course of many years studying ancient languages, it took a long time for me to pin down just what made […]

Happy Persian New Year! Happy Norouz!

Daffodils, crocuses, cherry blossoms – and sometimes even sunshine. It may still be chilly, but we no longer need to ask, ‘Can there ever be blossom again?’ New blossom has finally been born, and spring is well under way!   For Persians, the approach of the spring equinox has extra meaning: it’s also the approach of […]

Our new paperback release: Alive Again, The Parrot and the Merchant, and A Bird Like Himself.

Exciting new paperbacks soon to be released!

We’re very excited to announce the paperback release of three of our titles! The Parrot and the Merchant Of all the birds that the wealthy merchant keeps the Parrot is her favourite, because he can speak to her. But when she goes away buying and selling, the gift she brings back for him will teach […]

An equal voice for ALL women!

  Happy International Women’s Day! Today is a day to both celebrate and campaign, praise and protest. Women around the world are achieving extraordinary things in all sorts of areas – but they’re also still disproportionately likely to be victims of serious and systematic discrimination and abuse. Much has been accomplished nationally and globally in […]

Happy memories of storytime!

Happy memories of storytime!

Here is a great blog post reminding us the importance of reading stories aloud in schools. The blog is written by Pippa Goodhart, author of A Bottle of Happiness and is about a reunion event she attended at her old school. It is striking to us that what everyone remembered most was classroom storytime! Her message about the […]

The Elephant's Umbrella

Our children need EMPATHY, now more than ever!

Empathy is interesting; it is an awareness of others that can create an emotional response. It allows one to internalize another person’s feelings and experiences, to understand what they are going through. Empathy gives the opportunity to relate to an individual on a humanizing level, making all parties equal. Seeing the world through others’ eyes […]

IBBY UK and UK publishers enjoying the snow in Vilnius

The perfect destination for children’s book lovers!

By Sophie Hallam* Vilnius is a beautiful city. The Old Town with its wooden painted shutters and cobbled streets transport you to a fairy-tale world with snowflakes the size of peas. The perfect destination for a gaggle of children’s book lovers! And so, it was with great delight that I joined fellow publishers Pushkin Press, Thames and Hudson, Flying Eye, Tate […]

World Book Day reinforces the idea of stories as cultural bridges

Books are meant to be cherished, their authors, illustrators, stories, and characters celebrated for the impressions they have made on the lives of their devoted readers. In commemorating the importance of books and reading, March 2nd acknowledges the exciting 20th Anniversary of World Book Day! Woohoo! Established in over 100 different countries, World Book Day […]