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  • Bijan & Manije
  • Written by Ali Seidabadi
  • Illustrated by Marjan Vafaian
  • Translated by Azita Rassi
  • Edited by Nicolette Jones, Children’s Books Editor of The Sunday Times
  • August 2016
  • 978-1-910328-14-9
  • Hardback | 24 pages
  • 250mm x 250mm
  • £12.99 (discounts may apply)

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Bijan & Manije is a beautiful story of love across the divide, reminiscent of Romeo and Juliet, but with a distinctive Persian flavour.

A twist of fate brings Bijan face to face with the daughter of his enemy. They fall in love and refuse to abandon each other, even under duress. Can Iran’s greatest knight, Rostam, help save the day and bring warring nations to peace?

The story of Bijan and Manije is one of the ancient epic stories of Shahnameh (Book of Kings). Ferdowsi, the 10th century Persian poet, gathered the historical stories and myths of Persia in the form of poem in Shahnameh. The Book of Kings was traditionally the base of Pardekhani, a type of storytelling for the public where illustrations were made on large canvases and a narrator read the poems to the audience in coffeehouses and streets.

Ali Seidabadi is a writer and poet for children and young adults who has written more than 40 books. He is editor of the only Iranian journal that deals specifically with children’s literature: Research Quarterly for Children’s and Young Adult Literature.

Marjan Vafaian has been creating elaborate and detailed book illustrations for 10 years. Very well received at home in Iran, her work has also won awards in international exhibitions. Marjan has also illustrated The Parrot and the Merchant, a retelling of a fable by Rumi and published by Tiny Owl.


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