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An extract from The Orange House

A great stimulus to art and geography lessons!

Read a review of The Orange House by Outside in World: This is a delightful picture book by newly emerging children’s publishers Tiny Owl Books. Tiny Owl is a purveyor of Global Children’s Literature, and ‘The Orange House’ by author and illustrator Nahid Kazemi, translated from its original Persian publication by Azita Rassi, used to […]

Ehsan Abdollahi

Illustrated messages are more appealing for all ages

Are picture books for children, or adults can enjoy them just as much? Read Bridget Marzo’s answer: It really is such a big complex issue with a history that differs in each country. It also of course depends so much on what kind of picture book we are referring to (I know some books appeal […]

Tania read The Parrot and the Merchant

A day full of love, music, and colour

On Saturday 9 April 2016, we had a fantastic children’s book reading event at Belsize Park Community Library, one of the most gracious and welcoming libraries in North West London.   *See more photos of this event here.   The event consisted of a reading of two of our Persian children’s stories by Tania Khojasteh, […]


Picture books have to appeal to a double audience

Are picture books for children, or adults can enjoy them just as much? Read Nicolette Jones’s answer: Certainly adults can appreciate them just as much. It makes no more sense to say we grow out of illustration than that we grow out of fine art. In fact picturebooks in particular have to appeal to a […]


Alive Again; Another Excellent Title

Read a wonderful review of Alive Again by: Outside in the World: Alive Again  Age Range: 6-8 When the blossom disappears, a young boy asks his father if it will ever return – ‘When blossom goes, does the word ‘blossom’ die? Can there be blossom again? When there is no rain does the word ‘rain’ […]


Fab feline friendships and cat antics

Read a review of Will and Nill by: Read It, Daddy:   Meet two lazy, crazy and adorable cats called Will and Nill in this fabulously original book from Tiny Owl Will and Nill are cats. Now, we’ll take it as read that you know what a cat is – and possibly that you know just […]