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Mareen is reading The Parrot and the Merchant

A wonderful event at Pimlico library

Written by Mateen Arghandehpour. Mateen was in charge of reading at the event who did perfectly and children loved it. We gathered our books, revised our plans once more between ourselves and moved out and towards the library. Every one of us seemed to feel a slight tingle of nervousness; though it was easily concealed […]


Tahmineh’s Beautiful Bird as reviewed by Today’s Zaman: “This simple story is full of allegory”

The Turkish newspaper Today’s Zaman has published an article about Tahmineh’s Beautiful Bird, considering it as an artistic piece, not just for children. This simple story is full of allegory: Man’s desire to capture a beautiful bird and keep it for his own use and pleasure is used as a metaphor for one people group […]

The Poetic Collection

Tiny Owl’s Bundles as Christmas Presents

What’s your favourite part about the festive period? It may seem far away but once Halloween passes us by, Christmas will be just around the corner. No doubt the food is amazing, and the television some might think, but also one of the most precious moments we get throughout December is having the time to […]