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The Elephant’s Umbrella brings the message of EMPATHY

Read a wonderful review of The Elephant’s Umbrella by Jill Bennett:    The Elephant’s Umbrella Laleh Jaffari and Ali Khodai (translated by Azita Rassi) Elephant, a kindly pachyderm, is always ready and willing to share his prized possession, a brightly coloured umbrella, with his fellow animals whenever the need should arise. One day though while […]

An illustration from The Orange House by Nahid Kazemi

Build Bridges, Not Walls!

By: Azita Rassi* Almost all of the pictures I have seen of the new president of the United States show him wearing a belligerent scowl. He looks aggressive and intolerant. His words do not ameliorate this image. He calls for walls, for an impenetrable stronghold, for keeping people out. He is an advocate of separation, […]

Bijan & Manije

Better than chocolate and flowers!

Love is in the air, and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. What better way to show your love than through a story? Bijan & Manije reveals the true meaning of love; showing how you feel doesn’t always mean buying chocolates or flowers. Love is putting the people you care about before yourself. Love […]


champions of fantastic diverse stories!

Read a fantastic review of our new releases by Read it daddy blog. Thank you Read it daddy for your kind words.    Today is a big release day for Tiny Owl Publishing, champions of fantastic diverse stories from around the world. Their new collection for 2017 truly does have something for everyone so we’ll […]